Relaxation Massage Treatments

Relaxation Massage Treatments

In the modern world, stress related diseases have been identified as common circumstances in our society. Given the way we live our life, our food intake and our working environment - stress related symptoms usually manifest themselves in form of headaches, stiff muscles, elevated blood pressure, trouble to sleep and chest pain - among others.

In South East Asian society, therapeutic massage treatments are considered as one of the prevailing treatments in treating stress related symptoms. This is mostly done with the patient spending a session receiving a massage treatment from a credible traditional masseuse. Treating yourself with a therapeutic massage not only make you feel comfortable, it is also the key to having a sustained healthy body and mind.

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Research has shown that a session of therapeutic massage releases endorphin, serotonin and dopamine within a patient's body, which give the patient the feeling of relaxation and calmness. One study experimented by putting massage chairs in one of the most stressful work environment - emergency room - having nurses as the subjects of the study. Results shown that with a session of quick massage, the nurses are more focus and calm in their daily routine job.

Casabonda Confinement & Wellness Retreat is a retreat for women looking for treatment and rejuvenation. If you are looking for a treatment to un-stress yourself, we offer a therapeutic environment, exclusive for women and you are invited to our retreat to experience the stress relieving treatments and other treatments related to women.

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