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Casabonda Confinement & Wellness Retreat

Our Story & Background

Casabonda Confinement & Wellness Retreat is an experience offering therapeutic confinement retreat for mothers and babies during the early motherhood, focusing on post-natal and post-partum treatment. Our facility is comprises of 5 exclusive private rooms which are designed to promote rejuvenation during the confinement days for mothers.

Our facilities and services are exclusively designed to be appealing to mothers and babies during early motherhood. Our main focus are on mothers, and we aim to promote the rejuvenation during the confinement, while tending to mothers' needs during their stay.

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Our Retreat Features

Why Choose Us?

  • Pre-admission screening
  • Pre-visitation screening
  • Regular monitoring by OB-GYN doctors
  • Exclusive rooms for mothers
  • Team of well-trained caregivers
Exclusive Confinement Rooms
  • Exclusive elevator for mothers
  • Therapeutical treatment/spa area
  • Quiet and relaxing lounge area
  • Strict privacy for mothers facility
  • Nutritious post-partum meal program
Clean and beautiful area
  • 24/7 secure access
  • 24/7 secure access to the nursery
  • 24/7 high-speed internet connectivity
  • 24/7 online music & video streaming
  • 24/7 food and beverages
Quiet and relaxing lounge area

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