• An exclusive confinement Retreat
    is real

    A dedicated rejuvenation for mothers

  • Most sought after wellness
    treatment and therapy

    Relaxation massage and treatments are available for women

  • Regular obeservation and visitation
    by professional Maternity Doctors

    Fully supported by doctors and nurses from Klinik Bersalin Annur

A Therapeutical Confinement Retreat

An experience offering therapeutic confinement retreat for mothers and babies during the early motherhood, focusing on post-natal and post-partum treatment.

Our facilities and services are exclusively designed to be appealing to mothers and babies during early motherhood.

Casabonda Confinement & Wellness Retreat
Casabonda Confinement & Wellness Retreat

Why mothers choose us
as preferred Confinement Retreat

Our Confinement Retreat focuses on mothers' rejuvenation and importantly fully supported
by professional OB-GYN doctors from our Maternity Clinic on the ground floor.

Our Retreat Offerings

We open our doors to mothers looking for a therapeutical and private retreat supported with comprehensive post-natal and post-partum services.

Confinement & Rejuvenation Stay

Our retreat is specifically designed and detailed to cater for mothers and babies during early motherhood.

Walk-In Package

For mothers who wishe to enjoy walk-in treatments

Home Service Package

For mothers who wish to receive treatment at home

Individual Treatments

Personalized treatment available in our retreat

Relaxation Massage

Casual and relaxing massage for women

Get 20% discount on Relaxation Massage

We invite all women and mothers alike, to experience our therapeutical massage.
Drop by for a full experience and enjoy our current promotion.

Retreat Suites

Our retreat suites are avaiblable for stay-in packages. Our confinement retreat packages are designed to fit mothers' and babies' needs during the early motherhood.

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Retreat Package

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Retreat Package

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Retreat Package

Find Out More

Retreat Package

Find Out More

Retreat Package

Comments from our happy

" a dream place where all ladies in confinement
would want to be. "
" So far sangat berpuas hati dengan layanan dan treatment dari casabonda & wellness. Rasa fresh sangat "